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Adidas, a German sporting goods manufacturer, is a member of Adidas AG. Named after its founder, Adolf Adi Dassler, Adidas began producing footwear in 1920 in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg. Registered on August 18, 1949 under the name adidas AG. Adidas' clothing and sneaker designs usually have three parallel strips, which are also visible on the logo. The three strips are characteristic of Adidas.


NIKE is a world-famous sports brand. The original English meaning is the Greek goddess of victory. The Chinese translation is Nike.

The company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, USA. The company produces a wide range of sporting goods, such as clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on.

The Nike logo pattern is a small hook. Nike has always motivated every athlete in the world and presented its best products as a glorious task. Nike's pioneering air cushion technology has brought a revolution to the sports world. The sneakers made with this technology can protect the athlete's knees well and reduce the impact on the knees when they are struggling to move.

Air Jordan

Air Jordan What is presented to basketball fans is a beautifully-looking, high-performance product: lightweight, close to the ground, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The details of the upper are delicately detailed and made from a new, patent-pending sewing machine. The low insole allows the player's foot to be as close to the ground as possible, enhancing the player's feel on the court floor. The unique design elements also include the fingerprint of Michael Jordan printed on the outsole, the fingerprint pattern is used as the grip of the sole; the thumb of the tongue is also printed with Jordan's thumbprint.